Welcome to Zuora Labs

Zuora Labs is the environment where developers can get an early look of the latest Zuora platform features such as Custom Data Models and Data Query APIs. Try out these early features and give us feedback on the Zuora Labs community group to help shape the future direction of the platform!

With this initial launch, you'll be able to play with the:

Zuora Labs will include real customer use cases to demonstrate the power of these latest technologies.

Click on each use case to learn more. When you're done, remember to come back to this page to refer to access other use cases. Each use case opens in its own tab.

Who are Zuora Labs for?

What are some things that can be tested in Zuora Labs?

How long do I have to access?

How do I get updates on Zuora Labs?

How do I give feedback or ask questions?

Can I set something up in Zuora Labs and transfer it to my sandbox?